Items to take on an extended L.D. Ride–

Light mesh heavy gloves, Aerostich 3 digit waterproof gloves
2 @ pairs of L.D Comfort shorts, 1 lg sleeve L.D. Comfort shirt
2 pairs of protective gear–lightweight (mesh) and heavyweight
Electric vest w/ arm chaps and gloves  or Electric Jacket
1 Pair tennis shoes or sandals and boots
1 Sweatshirt
1 pair blue jeans
2 or 3 pairs of socks-wash them often
Mosquito head net protection
10.  Frogg Toggs or equivalent

1 camera with extra batteries
1 set extra contacts, solution, & glasses if needed
All necessary medicine with copy of prescriptions
I POD and small radio with ear buds
First Aid Kit
Sun screen and sun glasses
Lip protections and eye drops
Cell phone and/or satellite phone if remote areas
“Spot” transponder and address/telephone organizer
Extra 10 and 20 Amp. fuses, wire & wire nuts & Electric tape
Tire patch kit or Plugs & tire tools & assortment of nuts, bolts, locks & washers
Extra chains and Sprockets & chain tools if chain bike
Extra front & rear tires and tubes if tube tires
Extra spark plugs & brake pads, extra headlight bulbs
Extra gas container & On-head LED repair light & extra flashlight
If Alaska, copy necessary pages from current “Milepost” Magazine.
Plenty large & small Zip-lock bags, tie-wraps & duct tape
Carry all in waterproof sea-bags, panniers, and tank bags
Extra front fork seals, clutch cable, throttle cables, and brake pads
Extra water—Extra Water—Extra water—Extra water–Did I mention Extra water ?
1 set of paper maps of area — all AK and Canada
2 @ 2610 GPS’s or equivalent
Bug Repellent –never spray 100% Deet into your face-shield
Use Scotch-guard to waterproof tank & pannier bags

Pen and tablet–maybe even micro-recorder
Insurance card
Passport if border crossing
Bike registration and COPY of title
Med-jet Assist card
Credit cards
Take applicable IBA forms (SS/K) BBG, UCCCCC)
Small stapler for receipts—only if doing an IBA run

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