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Fatique and Hydration

This article was based on a seminar that I attended at a Ironbutt Annual Meeting that was given by Dr. Don Arthur–retired Surgeon General of the US. Navy and well known Long Distance rider. I asked for and received Dr. Arthur’s permission to use this information on a Side Stand Up ( session that I was giving, and he gave me permission to use this information anywhere it will assist Long Distance riders. So thank him the next time that you see him
To adequately discuss this subject, requires it to be rather lengthy. But it should be well worth it to serious L.D. riders

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Items to take on an extended L.D. Ride–

Light mesh heavy gloves, Aerostich 3 digit waterproof gloves
2 @ pairs of L.D Comfort shorts, 1 lg sleeve L.D. Comfort shirt
2 pairs of protective gear–lightweight (mesh) and heavyweight
Electric vest w/ arm chaps and gloves  or Electric Jacket
1 Pair tennis shoes or sandals and boots
1 Sweatshirt
1 pair blue jeans
2 or 3 pairs of socks-wash them often
Mosquito head net protection
10.  Frogg Toggs or equivalent

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Tips for a successful IBA Saddlesore Ride

Tips for a successful SS1K      [Ironbutt SaddleSore- 1Thousand Miles in 24 Hour Ride]

1. Read carefully all the rules that Ironbutt has for this ride:
Then carefully read & re-read Ironbutts 29 “tips” :   

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